Social life
The population of the county Olt, respectively 489.274 inhabitants, is divided as follows:
Urban 186.542 inhabitants (38,1 %)
Rural 302.732 inhabitants (61,9 %)
The civil active population is represented by 208.480 people, and the active civil engaged population is of 193.100 people.
The activity rate at the county population is of 42,50 %.
At the level of the Olt county the engaged civil population is structured as follows:
- agriculture: 58,3 %
- industry: 17,3 %
- constructions: 3,1 %
- commerce: 5,2 %
- health: 3,5 %
- education: 4 %
- public administration: 1,8 %
The county policies related to the labour market are implemented through The County Agency for the Occupation of Labor Force Olt, institution whose activity is focussed on the increase of the occupation degree and on diversifyng the active decisions to stimulate the unemployed persons to find a new job. Starting with 2000, the above-mentioned Agency organized many fairs for new jobs, general as well as special for graduates, women handicapped persons.
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