The Cultural Olt
The cultural environment of the Olt county developed by training and valorizing the talent of the « Sons of Olt » in various fields : plastic art, music, theatre, painture, literature, poetry last years.

The Museum of the Olt County, founded in 1952 has possesed a very rich patrimony in collections, over 25.000 pieces being specific for the culture and civilization of the Olt region, many of them being unique and belonging to the national cultural patrimony.

The Museum of the Olt County activates in the building of old Administrative Palace (historical monument), built in 1887. The Museum posseses painting collections, drawings, clip arts belonging to famous Romanian artists, such as: Octav Bãncilã, Alexandru Ciucurescu, Dumitru Ghiatã, Henri Catargi, Ion Popescu-Negreni, Spiru Vergulescu, Nicolae Trutã.

The Etnography Section of the museum posesses many collections structured on fields: traditions, ceramics, textiles, textures, metal, wood, popular clothing.

It is to be mentioned the fleeces of Vãdastra, the famous carpets from the Olt region, ceramics collection (from Oboga, Corbeni and Româna) and the painted eggs collections from Oboga.
The County Library «Ion Minulescu» owns over 22.000 library units (volumes, books, daily and weekly publications, record albums, CD-ROM, art and documentary movies, manuals for learning foreign languages).

Inside the County Library an English books section, with a total collection of 20.000 volumes activates.
The Cultural Centre «OLTUL» is authorized to preserve the folk traditions, customs and popular art in the county and assures the management of professionist folk assembly «Plaiurile Oltului», well recognized in art environment, laureate of many national prizes and with many participations at international folk festivals.

The national festivals of traditions and customs, the popular festival, local events organized in the Olt county are as follows:
The National Festival «Romanian Cãlus» - Slatina, Caracal, Vîlcele, Dobrun; «Festival of Bread» - Scornicesti; «Tree of Life», festival contest of popular ceramic; Festival Contest of Doinas and Ballads «From Drãgãnesti at Valley»; Festival Contest of Humour «The Olt inhabitants… and the Rest of the World»; National Festival Contest of Folk and Poetry «Ion Minulescu»; Festival Contest of Pop and Popular Music «The Golden Ship».

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