Caracal municipality
Caracal municipality, situated in the south part of the Olt county, in the plain of Romanati was documentary attested in 17th november 1538 in a written document issued by The Common room of Radu-Prince Paisie, through which the prince grants to Radu vel Clucer, a few domains achieved from Jupînita Marga from Caracal.

The economy of Caracal municipality is represented by over 1200 commercial companies, the main industrial field being machine-tools industry S.C. ROMVAG S.A., the main industrial enterprise, specialized in construction, rehabilitation and repairs of transport wagons, the ready-made textile clothes industry S.C. ROMANITA S.A., which produces and delivers, especially on external market, ready-made tricot clothes, foodstuffs industry, especially the processing of agricultural products (fruits and vegetables) tinned 100 % natural.

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